Dr. Alaina Graiser teaches both the traditional and the Suzuki method of music learning. Lessons include study of all styles of music, such as classical, contemporary, popular, and world music. Studies also contain elements of music theory, music history, sight-reading, ear-training, and performance etiquette for a well-rounded, individual, enjoyable learning experience. Group lessons and harp ensemble coachings are also available. Alaina has worked with students ages 5-85 and believes that music can be a blessing, a service, and a completely fulfilling experience for anyone from any background at any age. Contact her to schedule your first trial lesson for FREE by phone at 404-889-1699 or email (alaina.harpist@gmail.com).

Dr. Graiser has an extensive teaching career that includes managing a thriving studio of 50 piano, harp, and voice students (including studio recitals and community outreach concerts); teaching monthly group harp classes for children; directing the annual Cincinnati Summer Harp Camp; teaching K-12 music classes at Leaves of Learning; directing a pre-school music class; assisting music classes at a public elementary school; and coaching various harp ensembles. Alaina’s degrees include a Bachelor degree in harp performance from the University of Texas at Austin, a Master degree in harp performance from the University of Toronto, and a Doctorate of Musical Arts in harp performance with a music education cognate at the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. Dr. Graiser is a registered Suzuki harp method teacher for books 1-3 and has had extensive pedagogy and education training with Delaine Fedson and in music education courses at the University of Toronto and Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music.